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PoniKoravski traded back to Devils. Zubrus to miss 2-8 Weeks


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Timing on this is sort of funny - I mean other than the idea of re-acquiring a guy they had last year.  Where do they put him?  Seems to point to Matteau being sent back to junior, no?

Or Butler back to Albany





I wonder if Lou has a trade to get rid of a Dman

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A 4th and a 7th is basically nothing though.


No, but you have to factor in the cumulative effect:


2013 - we only have a 1, 2, 4 and 6 left in this year's draft.

2014 - no 1st rounder (Kovy penalty) or 4th rounder (Poni)


Still, this is beyond amusing.  It's worth it even for that nevermind the fact Poni can actually help.  Who knows, maybe they'll even re-sign him this time now that Lou confirmed Poni was right when he said the Devils were waiting around for Zach to make him an offer.

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Holy sh!t im happy ! My buddy texted me to tell me about it and i almost jumped.

Poni was huge for us in the playoffs he was pretty much on the ice for all of our big goals.

Also i cannot...not bring this up... But yeah... Once again... If Lou would not always wait fvcking minute for his signings wed still have poni and our 4th and 7th.. No big deal tho

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Happy as I am to have Poni back, it definitely is strange timing. I hope they don't send Matteau down now, as that would be a huge waste of his first year in his ELC. I didn't mind it so much that they decided to keep him up to play limited minutes for his first year, but if they send him down then we'll be paying him a full year for 4 extra games, which is idiotic.


Who else would go down though? Josefson? Does he have to go through waivers? Butler? Loktionov after he just got called up? I'm really confused here.

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