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GDT New Jersey Devils vs. Ottawa Sans 1PM MSG


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2 things i really hate about our  PP (both which have not really cost us so far)


1- the lack of urgency, you simply don't feel like they feel they have an opportunity, especially from Kovy when he's going to get the puck behind our net, he's slowly skating to the puck and then slowly skating the puck up the ice with no urgency. OF COURSE i wouldnt want them to rush and make stupid decisions but they are always sooooooooooooooooooooo relax and slow setting themselves. Depending on if we're getting lots of clears we're losing a lot of seconds from our PP just because of that. I'd just like to see the intensity of a last minutes where a team is trailing by one and absolutely need a goal, but obviously keep on playing smart not to get scored on SH


2- they are making extremely dangerous passes between the point men im actually really surprised it hasnt been picked up yet for a breakaway. And they keep their play so high around the blue line with the 2 defending forward so close to them. Seems like we don't have room on the point too often and they keep going back and forth with it.


our PP is not horrible but it's something that gets me nervous pretty much all the time while we're on the PP.

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