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GDT New Jersey Devils vs. Ottawa Sans 1PM MSG


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What sucks about that whole... Dump, chase, win puck, pass to the point, point shot, wash rinse, repeat approach is that we're not "creating" too many scoring chances, we just try to bury them when "it happens". Doesnt make sense but wtv. That way you have to waiiiiiiit for an opportunity and it may never happen and thats why we either do good or really really bad IMO.


So when the guys are not on their game. There's really not much happening since our main source and first step to create offence is not even there.


you clearly saw the guys going out of that system later in the game as they were panicking. They were clearly not gonna create anything other than that.

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What angries me more is that the Islanders lost 7-0 to the Flyers today, what a piss-poor excuse of a team. How the fvck do they turn it on and turn it off like that within a day or two. 5-1 against the 1st place New Jersey Devils and then they get their worst loss in a few years a couple days later.


Somehow we play them and they're all roided up, but they have no heart outside of the division.

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