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Carter Missing from Practice, Matteau taking his Spot, forming "Th

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I think the cgbg line plays very well defensivley and often times finds themselves out their against an opposing teams top line. They just bring an energy to the game that zajac and our first have not. They hit hard and play to our system.

I like the Carter-Gionta-Bernier line as much as the next fan but their magical moments cloud judgement a bit. I don't mind them as a 4th line but the Devils are going to run into trouble in the long run if they keep running them out there as a 3rd line and try to match them up against top lines. While they face decent competition this year, they often get held back in their own zone as this table indicates:


Going by the numbers this year Zajac has faced tougher competition at evens than either Carter, Bernier, and Gionta - though as pointed out in the other thread, Gionta is dragging Carter and Bernier down.

I wish I knew how to do a WoWY search to examine the line up more. I was trying to figure it out last night but couldn't do it.

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