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Guess Which Major Sport Is Recession Proof

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Came across this article from Yahoo Finance and wanted it to share it with you folks:


A few notable quotes from the article:


Only hockey among the four major pro sports was able to have greater attendance now than before the Great Recession, despite an overall 17 percent increase in ticket prices - nearly $10 from $48.72 to $57.10 for the average seat - over the same period, according to Reed.


In fact, NHL fans have the highest mean household income compared to MLB, NBA, and NFL fans, with an average household income of $104,000, compared to $96,200 for baseball fans, $96,000 for NBA fans, and $94,500 for NFL fans, according to league data.


They're younger, too. Thirty-three percent of hockey fans are young adults (ages 18-34), compared to 32 percent for the NBA, 30 percent for the NBA, and 29 percent for baseball.


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yes, top factor is income, but... Arenas are normally located inside city centers, have convenient mass transits in commuting to games. Most local businesses have welcomed hockey and some cities even provide free parking on game days. Small biz/services industry have great business practices for hockey attendees on game day.(restaurants/bars/shopping)


NFL, Dealing with and weighting through the traffic to park... that's on top of some stadiums charging $30 for those 4 hours your car sits, plus not responsible for anything that happens to it. (which has happen; vandalism, break-ins, hit and runs, etc) Then the ridiculous Personal Seat License (PSL) costs, can run in the $1000s per seat if you desire season tickets.


NBA, well... always look at it as,  'just watch the last 2 minutes of the game'.


So the money you save on parking, time, and troubles... can go to those hockey tickets too.


PS: 1080P/3D/HDTV widescreens are also a huge alternative to attending outdoor sporting events(rain/sleet/snow/fog/cold-hot-humid-bugs).


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