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Opinion on divisional playoffs

Divisional playoffs  

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What, nobody's happy with that.  The biggest issue with Detroit and Columbus in the Central division is that as the schedule is played now, these teams have all their conference away games not against each other starting at 8 against divisional opponents.  Then they have to play away games against the Pacific and Northwest, which means 4 games at 8, 8 games at 9, and 8 games at 10.  I can't imagine the bitching and complaining that would come out of here if the Devils had to play nearly a fifth of their schedule where the games don't start until 9 PM.


I like the idea of divisional playoffs.  Who cares about Devils-Rangers in the Conference Finals - it could be decades before they'd meet in the Conference Finals again, the odds were already super-slim that they would meet twice there ever since they went to three divisions.  For all the rivalry Ottawa-Toronto had, they never met in the Conference Finals - there are only a few iterations which produce the certainty of meeting in a Conference Final:  If the teams were seeded 2-6, 4-7, 5-7, 6-8, and 7-8.  The rest involve the playoffs shaking out the right way, and there are tons more possible playoffs where they can't meet in the Conference final (e.g. 1-7, etc.)

I never suggested taking NJ out of the atlantic. I suggested swapping Detroit and Pittsburgh for eachother, then put Winnipeg in the NW, Minn in the Central and NSH to the SE.

This puts the divisions which I suggested altering at:












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Pittsburgh in the Central is insane, forget about rivalries.  


One thing I don't understand is why both Detroit and Columbus have to move to the East if the schedule is going to be so much more balanced?  Right now the concept for the schedule is NBA style with increased divisional games.  So if you leave one of those teams out west and they get stuck into the 'new' Central, only one of the 'new' Central teams plays 2 time zones away.  I guess it's more travel than anything else, but under this plan every team travels more.

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Pittsburgh away from Philly AND Washington would be insane.

Hey, the thing was about time zones. I was thinking of a way to keep travel down and whatnot. Are PIT, CBJ, STL, CHI and MIN or even DET(who should really just shut up and stay in the west) really that odd of a division? They're all really close geography wise. Maybe not quite atlantic div close, but close.

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I don't understand why both western conference divisions have 7 teams if supposedly one of the purposes of the realignment is to plan for expansion. The two most likely places for expansion are Quebec City and the Greater Toronto Area. If they go this route the only possible way to expand looks like Seattle in the Pacific and GTA in the Mid-West (creating the same old travel/time zone issues).

If I were in Quebec I'd be trying to fight this realignment plan by whatever means necessary.

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