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Buyers or Sellers on 4/3/2013?

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I don't see anything to be done in the buy or sell markets.  You never know, but I don't see the situation changing before the deadline.

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This is the only way I see Lou as a seller this year:

I receive a report that says frozen orange juice inventories will be low.

I buy buy buy... inflating the market greatly; but keep buying them up.

This is where Lou comes in... he starts selling the futures? That crazy guy, he lost his mind! FIRE LOU.

Then, the actual market report comes out... flat!?!

BAM! Lou then covers his position... and once again, I'm out 394mm and my buddy is left in a gorrilla suit - again. This happens often.

Lou has bested me. In Lou We Trust!

I could imagine the Duke brothers would want a word with Lou on this.

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