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GDT: We meet Phil"again"phia Part 2 (Devils @ Flyers) 3/15/2

Devil Fan

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Would be nice if Kovy hit the net did that in regulation. But he did a nice job beating on their glass and boards


giroux vs hedberg. give me a break that flopping fool has no chance

The fvck are you putting clarkson out there? Since when does he have impressive moves?


all he has is a bantam league quality backhand "deke"


Yeah and clearly every goalie in the league's ready for it.  Clarkson would have had a better chance just firing a wrister.  Then again, Elias firing wide was a fitting end cause nobody could hit the net all night.

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getting good skating from harrold, that flip to kovy after taking the puck away was a thing of beauty


speaking of deboer, did anyone catch his scribbling a play on his white board? crossing pattern at the blueline, and 2:00 mins later they executed it perfectly weaving for a good chance

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