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GDT 3/19/13: NY Rags @ Devils


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Thank god we won't need to deal with sh!tBERGS buffoonery much longer


get this garbage off the ice before they make it 3-2!!!


this game should be 2-0 Devils. The Rags have had like 3 scoring chances. Some of them not even clean shots

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Is Brodeur the backup tonight? If so he needs to start the 2nd?


You really blame Hedberg for those goals? One was a fluky high bounce and swat out of the air and the other came hard off the backboards right to an open man. Neither were particularly easy saves. The Rangers have just been lucky to cash in on a couple of the few chances they got. If they keep potting every other scoring chance they get in the 2nd though, then yeah, throw Marty back in there. If he's backing up he'd better be healthy enough to go.

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Hedberg was 100% culpable on the first goal, so tired of his puck handling adventures of doom.


exactly, he made that mistake. And even if the actual goal was a lucky bounce, it should've never come to that.


I was just pissed because it looked like we'd scored, but the damn post struck again.

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