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GDT NJ Devils vs Carolina canes


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YEs i know it is early, but i thought that for my first GDT ever i will make it early and simple.

Everything in life depends on preparation. (guy will have to be sharp)

No Jokes about semin or the canes our guys need to take care of business because this game seem to be a do or die. ( W= top 8 L= maybe 2 points of a playoff spot with less wins)

Marty is back in the net, Hope he will change the mood we have since he is not playing (our skin came when he injured himself)

We have to work hard, to be focus and mor importantly to believe. The New Jersey Devils have to make believers out of us. That's how good team take a spot in the playoff. When the players and the fans believe, great thigs happen and goals (man we dont score lately) comes at the right moment and the right time.

I still BELIEVE in this team. I trust Lou, Players and coaches. No more time to critics, it the to play New Jersey Devils hockey.

Kovalchuk, henrique, Elias, zajac, clarkson, Brodeur, loktionov etc.... JUST WIN!

french quote: travaillez pas pour prouvez aux autres qui vous rabaisse qu'ils ont tort travaillez pour ceux qui croit en vous.

Translation: Dont work for the one who are bashing you, work for people who are proud and believe in you.

First GDT hope it will work

One video just to be in the mood

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Need this win bad. Have to stay as close to a playoff spot as possible. We win tonight we have our playoff spot back and push the canes out of one. So lets step it up here. Im pretty sure the team hates losing to the rags so lets take that anger and take it out on the canes. LETS GO DEVILSSSS!!!!!

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I love the DeBoer's tie page.  I thought I was so original thinking about Stevens INCREDIBLY REDUNDANT tie selection...only to see this webpage had been created for DeBoer.   


The application PK style:

As the site notes, DeBoer with his stripes...  but when he strayed to "dimples" it's a disaster.


So the best tie was the stripes with a little mix-it-up cross hatch....  not a subtle gray cross - but a bold deliberate black...  and it worked.  Devils won.


So translate to DeBoer's coaching -- Pete's got to go not merely "think outside the box"  No, that's unoriginal bullsh.t - contrived. He's got to go with traditional yet out of the mainstream underlying "eat me" kind of style. His typical patient conservative style needs that little something extra - that little tag line of "or I'll f*ck you up" - he needs the added threat and strength of the "I dont give a fvck what people think" bold black line - it frees the underlying passion and unlocks the truth.


Stevens - no one is documenting -- but I think he's got to go with the pink to bring out his fight - that defensive chip on his shoulder.  Yeah -- it's pink -- you think my piercing baby blues can't drill into you without the aid of a blue tie? -- think again fvcker - yeah and it's a white shirt too - what are you going to do about it?  It's no coincidence he and Oats have those little anal retentive blue with white diamonds.  Bringing out the blue in your eyes is gentle and caring men -- fvck THAT.  If your guys cant see the blue on thier own they aren't paying enough attention to!  THAT is what needs to be said .  Pink says Listen to what I say you fvcker dont just look for any underlying meaning -- just DO WHAT I TELL YOU TO YOU LAZY STUPID ASS CLOWN!


of course a solid black with a white shirt - you may think it says maitre'd - but it actually says English thug who is about to rip your head off a la Bullet-tooth Tony.  I'm just sayin'  ---  it's worth a try



ok -- LGD!

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Hey guys, anyone interested in buying a signed marty stick with a certificate of authenticity for $175? Paid $280 for it at auction a few years back. My brother was diagnosed with cancer recently and I'm trying to sell some of my memorabilia to help out. If interested, text me directly at 9084949053 or email me at djb3849@gmail.com. Thanks.

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