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Fantasy Baseball Dilemma

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Was hoping that some of you with more experience in fantasy BB could provide some advisement on my newly-minted team.


First, league setup:


Weekly H2H League


Batters Stat Categories:    Runs ®, Home Runs (HR), Runs Batted In (RBI), Stolen Bases (SB), Batting Average (AVG)
Pitchers Stat Categories:    Wins (W), Saves (SV), Strikeouts (K), Earned Run Average (ERA), (Walks + Hits)/ Innings Pitched (WHIP)
Lineups lock for the week on Monday


Second, my current lineup.



C    Mike Napoli ©
1B    Prince Fielder
2B    Ian Kinsler
3B    Brett Lawrie
SS    Danny Espinosa (2B)
OF    Adam Jones
OF    Desmond Jennings
OF    Alex Gordon
Util    Paul Goldschmidt
BN    Ike Davis
SP    Justin Verlander
SP    Adam Wainwright
SP    Brandon Morrow
SP    Jon Lester
RP    Glen Perkins
RP    Grant Balfour
RP    Bobby Parnell
RP    Jose Veras
So some initial problems I'm having:
1) Brett Lawrie is going to start the season on the DL.  I don't currently have anyone on the roster that's 3B-eligible.  I've been offered a deal of Youk/Rivera for Fielder/Perkins, but I'm of the opinion that he's trying to fleece me, and I'm tempted to counter with Davis/Balfour (though he won't accept).  Opinions? Notable FA 3B-eligible (star denotes no ML team or DL):
Mike Moustakas
Todd Frazier
Jedd Gyorko*
Trevor Plouffe
Mark Reynolds
Lonnie Chisenhall
Juan Francisco
Matt Carpenter
Nolan Arenado
Alex Rodriguez*
Jordan Pacheco
Chris Johnson
Ryan Roberts
Jeff Keppinger
Donovan Solano
2) If I choose to tell this guy to go pound salt, who on my roster can I choose to drop for a 3B?  Ike Davis is projected to be a 28HR/80 RBI guy, but he's 3rd or 4th in the 1B pecking order.  I can't drop Napoli, as he's my only C.  I tend to like Keppinger as a temp fill-in to boost my team AVG, and I'd love to take a stab at someone like a Moustakas or a Solano, but I feel like any drop would be a mistake.  Plus, I would want to, ideally, pick up Frank Francisco to ensure that I have the Mets' closer all year (as there are NO closers on the wire).
I have 2 DL spots, but I need for the team to officially place Lawrie on the DL before I make that move.
3) General opinions on the team and spots I can improve?
Appreciate any advice that can be provided, and thanks for reading through.
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I'm not an expert but it'd probably help out to point out how many teams are in your league for context.


I gotta do some more research tonight cause my own draft is tomorrow.  I wouldn't mind just waiting to put Lawrie on the DL (still got a couple days to do that) and picking up Frazier.   With a full season he could do .270-20/25-75/80.

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I'm absolutely NOT a fantasy baseball guy. Love the sport with all my heart, but other than goofing around with some friends in a league years ago, I've just never liked it very much. With that out of the way: Frazier is probably the top offensive 3B in that group. The Moose isn't a bad upside gamble but I'd just stick with Frazier. Stay FAR away from Solano, huge regression candidate (.357 BABIP last year, terrible minor league track record). Lawrie was officially put on the DL yesterday, so I think that opens up a free spot for you (or did I read that wrong?). I noticed you had a star next to Gyorko? He's starting for San Diego.

As far as weaknesses, I guess Veras? Espinosa isn't a good hitter but he probably carries good value for fantasy considering the homeruns, stolen bases, and runs.

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Thanks for the help guys.


See, the reason I hate Yahoo is that they're late in changing designations.  At the time I posted, Gyorko was marked as "demoted to minor leagues".  


Also, this league is crazy in that the league locks for the week on the first day of the week.  So because Yahoo didn't put the "DL" designation on Lawrie until well after the Astros/Rangers game started, I'm stuck with Lawrie at 3B for the week even though he isn't playing.  It's kind of what I thought would happen, but rather than pull the trigger on a crippling deal to have one week of Youk at 3B, I'll take my hit in whatever stats Lawrie would have given me to make sure I don't compromise my roster for the season.


I've already DL'd Lawrie for next week and picked up Frazier.  I just need to hope that Parnell holds on to the closer's job...I may preemptively drop Davis or outfielder of choice and pick up Frank Francisco to ensure I get whatever saves the Mets get.


I agree that 1 BN spot is rough, especially with 4 relievers required to start...that number should be halved, and I'll bring that up next year.

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  • 4 months later...

Just an update on how this went so far...here's my current team:


C Mike Napoli
1B Prince Fielder
2B Ian Kinsler
3B Brett Lawrie
SS Jean Segura
OF Adam Jones
OF Alex Gordon
OF Darin Ruf
Ut Paul Goldschmidt
BN Anthony Rendon
DL Desmond Jennings
SP Justin Verlander
SP Adam Wainwright
SP Justin Masterson
SP Jon Lester
RP Francisco Liriano
RP Glen Perkins
RP Grant Balfour
RP José Veras
DL Bobby Parnell
I am currently in 1st place in my league and in good shape for a playoff spot (18 games ahead of #5 guy with 6 weeks to play including this week, which I'm leading 6-3).  I've pretty much dominated pitching, finding saves in unlikely places.  And aside from Batting Average, which has been dismal, and a revolving door at 3B in the first half, I'm doing at least League Average or better on HR, SB, RBI, and Runs.
I'm eyeing Brad Ziegler, thinking of dropping Lester for him to cover the loss of Parnell.  But aside from that I like the way this team has played so far (knock on wood).
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