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What happens to Man U post Ferguson?

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He'll definitely be out on loan, I hope Wednesday don't get him though haha.


Champions League final will be a good game. Some crazy plays during the semi-finals! Hard to call a winner at the moment!

That must suck to have a love/hate thing going there. Will you be boycotting the yankees in the meantime? Or singing some Man U songs when you attend? haha

It's a shame that Mario Götze will miss the final. I'm still expecting a fantastic match though.


I'd never boycott the Yankees since they've been a part of my life ever since I was 6 years old. Part of being a fan of them is knowing that they will do whatever they can for a few extra $$$. It's just a tad bit annoying since they went from having a TV partnership with Manchester United when the Yankees started their channel (YES Network) and then they moved onto Arsenal. Now that they own a team with City, I wouldn't be shocked to see if City games now get broadcasted on YES. I am going to hate on NYCFC (as the team will be called) and I'll probably go to supporting Red Bull NY who play in NJ...I used to be a fan of there's years ago when they went by the MetroStars name.

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Fair play I guess. All just business at the end of the day if it makes the team some extra cash, not much you can do as a fan and hopefully won't ruin the passion you have for them. If Carlos Teves suddenly started playing for the Yankees then I'd be a bit worried though! A couple of seasons ago Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United (The pigs...haha) had the same shirt sponsors which some fans didn't like, but at the end of the day if it's a good deal and keeps the team rolling in notes then what can you say?


I don't currently follow an MLS team, might need to research it before choosing although I do enjoy a redbull, and if they play in NJ that's a pretty good start!

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