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GDT: Kill Bull. NJ @ Buffalo 7:30 EST

Devil Fan

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 The blood that runs trough my veins is Red and Black...

My DNA carries the genes of the NJ Devils...

I feel that it is  my own sweat on the ice floor...

Time looks like is standing still...And the only thing that exists on the Universe are the Nj Devils...



Lets Go Devils.

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As my Buffalo fan friend told me tonight after I bitched about the Devils constantly losing, "maybe you guys just need to call up all your AHL players... seems to have worked for us."


For that to work you have to have some talent on the farm. We have no offensive talent in Albany other than maybe Joe Whitney, who is smaller than small. Hopefully Reid Boucher will develop into something useful. In any event, they should play Larsson every game. He needs games, he is the future. Play him. 

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Well, realistically, we still have a chance of making the playoffs, although we will need help from the outside. If we can go on a tear starting tonight, surely, things will look up.

However, confidence is on the low, and with Kovy nowhere in sight, I'm afraid our guys will have packed it in for the summer already.

It's gonna be painful to watch the playoffs. Painful, especially with our team not there.

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i really but REALLY don't want to sound like one of those "what have you done for me lately" folks ranting. im still acknowledging Deboer's GREAT work from last year, but i gotta admit his handling of the Moose situation denying there was even a problem, the handling of Larsson and 8 Dmen is really but really starting to take over the main office.

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@TGFireandice: 'Larsson and Josefson had chairs in locker room - not enough stalls -- so it doesn't look like they are playing.' I really don't get why Larsson isn't playing, but whatever I guess.

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