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GDT: Kill Bull. NJ @ Buffalo 7:30 EST

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Deboer is the best thing to happen to the Devils since Pat.

that may be a little extreme dont ya think.... Yea id say so. Many of us dont agree with alot of the decisions ge has made so far this year which is where this whole deboer debate is coming from

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Firing DeBoer is silly but he is at fault, too. Several of his players have underperformed (Zajac, Henrique, Elias, Fayne) and the coach has to take some blame for that. Too many days off from practice maybe? Not giving them enough ice time to work through things?


On another note, its truly shocking to see how bad Zajac has gotten. $50 million man getting leveled over the ice, skating like the ice is made of quicksand, shooting right at the goalie's crest. Aside from faceoffs, what does he actually do?

Edit: One other thing: Why is Brodeur flopping on Steve Ott's goal? Just stand up and let the puck hit you. Stop with the theatrical 'i'm a non-conventional goalie' crap and just let the damn puck hit you sometimes!

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