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GDT New Jersey Devils at Leafs 7PM MSG+


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Leafs score 90 seconds in on a weak trickler from the point after marty falls, loses his stick, and doesn't get up fast enough...Devils proceed to fire 50 shots on goal, Leafs get 12. Devils lose 1-0...


Nah fvck it, they're winning tonight 4-1

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Yeesh --- I am buzzing this morning. 


I'm not sure if I'm amped for this final push -- or if I'm still in terror imagining singing the national anthem.  I can't take a day at this fever pitch though... nailbiting.gif





Oh sh!t... almost forgot:


:dizzy:  LGD!! :dizzy:




EDIT - whoohoo - today's top poster with 18 posts.  Lets see who can unseat me during the game...  I am crashing after 5 cups of coffee - truly I have made myself sick to my stomach - I'm eating croutons left over from my salads - I never eat them... but I have to sop up the caffeine with something - or shake to death.  I need a babysitter -- no lie.  woohoo_1.gif   bananadance.gif


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ye gads.  I'm self medicating...  One beer and I'm chillin'


except for my cousin Bestor, who's office is one block north of Mass Ave on newbury -  all friends and family in Boston are accounted for... so


but so many memories right THERE.  Some dude surprised me with a room at the Lenox... OMG are you KIDDING????  I never even kissed him :yucky: . My ever practical husband is just saying "So what -- you're not there now"  My best friend and neighbor growing up was running in the marathon.  He's fine.  My husband got really grumpy about that... :rolleyes:


ok... calm --- just win guys, OK?

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