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Brian Rolston Announces His Retirement

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And this is the exact reason why I hate ranger fans who live in NJ. Have they no pride?


They likely have parents or relatives who were Ranger fans...dem blowshirts have been in town a long long time.  And let's face it, a lot of North Jersey NHL fans are Ranger fans, and a lot of South Jersey is Flyer country.   


The Rockies moved into about as crowded a hockey territory as they could have.  And look at the teams involved:  multi-generational (Rangers), highly successful (Islanders), recently successful (Flyers).  And here comes a team in the former Scouts/Rockies that had sucked for all 10 years of its existence, and continued to suck once they got here. 


Sadly, you couldn't have had a worse formula for trying to make inroads into existing, local fanbases.  Oh, and as we all know, the Devils have been pretty lousy at marketing themselves too.


Sure, would be great if people rooted for the Devils out of state pride, but it would be nice if the northern half of the state wasn't a massive suburb of New York City, and the southern half a suburb of Philadelphia.  If only Newark and Trenton were much higher-profile cities...

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Exactly. NJ has it's warts, but it's my state and I love it dammit. Where else can you get ocean/beach, mountains, cities, rural farms, lakes and even some superfund sites. What other state gives you those things, all within driving distance of any point in the state?

Yeah this drives me up a wall. I live at the shore and one of my ranger fan friends talks about how "jersey" he is... He put a Benny go home sticker on his car, the first time I saw it I just screamed at him, YOU ARE A FVCKING BENNY!

And I love the classic DiG line for rooting for the rangers because your father does... "Your dad fvcks your mom, you going to do that too?"

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