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Coming back home


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Hey guys I need a little help. Currently I'm at school doing an internship but I'm coming home and haven't told my family yet and I want to keep it a secret. I'll be flying into JFK and I need to get to Wanaque NJ. I haven't been home in god knows how long and I'm really unsure of how NJ Transit works. If anyone can help me out and possibly let me know how I would go about getting from JFK to NJ and then perhaps getting a bus back to Wanaque I would greatly appreciate it. Also I would like to know if anyone knows how much it would cost approximately to get on a train to NJ then how much the transit roughly is. Again if you can help me out I would greatly appreciate it, Thank you!




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Holy crap dude - spring for the $250 car service.



OK - yeah just ignore all this now...

You take a bus into Manhattan (GCS) - you grab the shuttle train across to time square - you take the whatever the reds are - it's been too long down to MSG and take NJT over to ...  BTSO what you do from there.  I think you can get a NJT bus into Wanaque.  You coudl not have picked a bigger effing pain in the ass road to travel.  Fly into Newark  yeesh.


I have NO idea what all this costs now.  used to be $10 to get to manhattan on the bus  - uhhh  whatever a token is now .... then it's I dunno - $15


I have no idea -- I did just find out that Hamburg tpk is shut dwn though - always good to know.  I'll be staying south I'm thinking.  OH NICE -- that was a 2011 message -- yeah -- just totally ignore me as if you'd even read it anyhow and I wonder why everyone ignores me... yey gads!

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