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Pal's Cabin in West Orange to Close


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... For another CVS.


I don't know how many people on this board are near the area but this place certainly was a landmark establishment. (certainly deserves it's own thread IMO.) West Orange has WAY too many CVS' and pharmacies so this is just disappointing. I know Dano used to go in there a lot...I remember hearing him talking about the place on intermission reports sometimes. While I only ate there once I certainly did grow up with the place. Will miss it and hopefully they last a wee bit longer so I manage to make it over there for one final meal.





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Wow, I haven't been there since I was a kid, moved down the shore in the early 90's...shame it's closing down, it feels like all the old places are closing and drug stores, dollar stores or banks are taking over!

Like we need more of these??

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This is a distressing story.  Growing up in Bloomfield and with my mom growing up in West Orange, Pal's Cabin was always the go to place for family events.  We had many a communion, confirmation and graduation dinner at Pal's and it was always a treat.  Went there about 6 months ago for another family dinner, and you could tell the place was falling by the wayside.  The food was pretty awful, the service was worse and while it was early in the evening, probably around 4:00, there was nobody in the place. 


Still, I'd rather see somebody buy the restaurant and do a renovation rather than another convenience store.  Sad day for the further gentrification of Essex County.

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