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Best pick at No. 20: Martin Brodeur, Devils

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Voting: Martin Brodeur, New Jersey, 13 (unanimous selection)


In addition to the stats and trophies, Brodeur changed the way the game is played. Among the best puckhandlers at his position, he's credited with three goals scored (two in the regular season, one in the playoffs). Because of his ability to move the puck, the League changed its rules in 2005-06, adding areas behind the goal line where goalies are restricted from playing the puck. 

"Rival general managers decided to draw lines on the ice and write a new rule just to stop him from doing something that neutralized opposing dump-and-chase tactics and underpinned the Devils' championship defenses: Playing the puck like a third defenseman -- and that is no exaggeration," NHL vice president of public relations John Dellapina said.



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