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Kovalchuk Retired Effective Immediately?


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He'll be back.   Not like in a year or two, but he'll be back.   They always come back.   When he's broken down the money will get cut off and he'll be Jagr'ing his way through the league


Jagr is still a near-dominant presence 5 on 5.  Kovalchuk is not Jagr.  He could be back, but it would not surprise me if he never did.  Also wouldn't surprise me if he came back next year, would be sort of amazing if he did.

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We should get our pick back. This lowlife didn't fufill his contract. Why should we be punished for that. fvcking piece of sh!t. I'm fvcking irriate that he will never feel the wrath of our fans.


League say no to TG... 

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This does truly suck, but I have faith in Lou. I bet he has something in the works. I think we're going to be just fine.


I never really felt like Kovi was a Devil anyway. To me, he seemed out of place here and was not the same player he was in Atlanta.



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Lol this is such obvious cap circumvention. Well done Lou

^^^ This 


ETA:  We have to pay $250K a year for the rest of the contract instead of his salary.  Be glad he left now and not a few years down the road where the hit would be in the millions.

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I don't think #17 had anything to do with Parise not signing here/


#17 was a total class player while he was here.  I don't doubt his loyalty to us at all.


I think he honestly wants to go home (like Nieds wanted to play with brother out west) and he's lucky (like Nieds) that he's able to write his own ticket, so that's what he did.


He probably clearly signaled this to LL a while ago.  


It totalllllllly sucks for the Devs and fans.  I'm bummed but I don't hate the player.   It does pop our collective bubble from the last week or so

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