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Kovalchuk jersey

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Pro Image Sports in Woodbridge Center Mall has Clarkson and Kovalchuk jerseys on sale for $60. Seems like a decent enough deal if 17 or 23 is re-issued, only have to switch out the nameplate.


They've also got Kovalchuk tee shirts for $5 and Clarkson tees for $10, which amused me.

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If anybody is looking to get a jersey changed, I found a place that does a good job and it's not too expensive. ED K Sports Plus in Whippany will do it for 75 dollars. They charge 25 to strip the old nameplate and number and then 50 to put on new nameplate and number. The 50 is for pro stitching, they also offer to press it on for less. You can also obviously just pay the 25 and have a blank jersey.

Honestly never heard of them but at this point with the way other places have screwed up on the font and customization I am afraid to try anything other than Exclusive Pro Sports.

I just hope this ED K's customization doesn't come out like Hockey Haus's in bound brook lol.

I was just gonna get Chorske on the back of my jersey now.

Please, please, please just not on a reebok jersey.

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