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Bad or Unlucky? The 2012-13 Season.


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Clowe doesn't need to be better than Clarky, if he's consistent, that will be enough. I also never said that Ryder could fill Kovy's lost offense. I said Ryder could put up similar numbers to what Parise had in the past. I can see Ryder having a 60-65 point season, but that would be Ryder at his best and still not quite be what Parise can do at his best.

My point on Olesz is that say he puts up 5-10 goals and 15-20 points. We signed him for less than $1M. Clowe was signed for $4.85 per, if they, combined, can equal Clarkson's expected performance, 20-25 goals maybe 40 points, it's basically a wash. I think that's a conservative estimate for these two guys, even if one doesn't have a great year.



WOW I don't want to eat any of your chicken soup or chicken salad.

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question is, how much of last season was a result of Kovy tanking?


Edit: You can't call the guy a mercenary, who only cares for cash, then double back and say he didn't play to his fullest here because his heart wasn't in it. A mercenary, by definition, is there for the cash and the cash only, his heart doesn't change things.

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