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New Mask for Marty


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One is probably Lucifer, and the other is his dog...



That's good, that's funny. Probably because of all the good constructive criticism I have given him over the years.



Actually it is just Marty wanting to grab another headline on another slow Devils day.

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Kinda weird to change stuff in his iconic mask again this late in his career I guess but whatever, it's his equipment, he can do what he wants with it.

I'm thinking with the numbers of Stanley Cups and Vezina Trophies he won pasted on the trophies on the mask it's sort of a farewell thing, summarizing his career achievements. He probably decided to retire after this season definitely and he's using his final chance to mix things up for that last year.

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Not a fan of the dogs, but I like the tribute to his dad on the back of the mask.



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Oh....damn it, this wasn't a bad dream?  :o ........... :) ...ok, ya'll got me, it was a bad dream wasn't it? Pictures of dogs on Marty's goalie mask? Ha. Not nearly as bad as the nightmare I had a few weeks ago though........glad all of our best players are back for next season.  :) .

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i cant wait to see the schneider one :)


As Devils fans the face of our team for the better part of 2 decades has been our goaltender's mask, which has for the most part been the same. Without Kovalchuk as the continued face of our team, our starting goaltender (Schneider) will likely continue to be the face of our team and this is the first time we will see what his mask will be. None of us generally go crazy over goalie masks because in general if a goalie on our team was changing his mask it was usually the backup. This is the first time since the MB30 mask that we'll have a real new mask as the face of our team and even the MB30 mask was essentially the same general design.

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