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Threads I've posted in

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I don't see anything distinguishing the threads I've posted in from the ones I haven't. Is there an option to turn that back on?


Sorry if this is something that's been previously addressed. I've been out of the loop for a while and suddenly things look different.

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I believe that's one of the things DM turned off the last time we had a traffic crush.  Doing so saves a database query, which is important when performance is an issue.  I do not know if keeping it off was intentional or merely an oversight; I'll leave this for him to address.


EDIT:  And that reminds me, I was supposed to do some research for him and I forgot about it... off to the Internets!

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Its something we can't enable anymore, the queries were getting to heavy for the server. The software developer suggested it might be usable in future versions. We will see.


I agree it stinks trying to find old topics you were involved in.

Rowdy, I am taking 10% of  your paper off because of tardiness!

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