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Fox 29 Philadelphia Confirm Devils sold to Josh Harris


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How the hell we ended up with a guy like this is beyond me, luck of the draw I guess. Right time, right place. And yet, our sport (not the biggest in the country), and our team (not the most famous in the country) gets a rare talent GM like Lou Lamoriello, respected throughout all sports and definitely within the league by all GMs... We're very lucky.


My favorite part of the presser was O'Neil (I think) talking about the first time he met Lamoriello. Lou didn't say a word, he just tossed him a book about Vince Lombardi and said, "Don't come back til you've read it." hahahahaha...


Also keep in mind that it's not like Lou became the GM and all was well.  He got the job and inherited a pretty good talent base ('87-'88 showed that), and then the team spun its wheels for a while.  McMullen even expressed doubts in him at one point, saying to reporters "Is Lou THE judge on hockey talent?  No."  (Lou was not happy about that.)  I'll always believe that Jacques Lemaire could've been Lou's last coaching hire if it hadn't worked out...Herb Brooks was the guy Lou thought was going to take them to the next level, and after Lou decided after one year that suddenly Brooks wasn't that guy, I think McMullen's patience was wearing thin.  And there are definitely more trigger-happy owners out there that would've canned Lou pre-'95...we're lucky in more ways than one.

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Lamoriello uses a “special sauce” to produce near-perennial contenders. “I think that everybody who follows hockey out there wants to know that special sauce,” Blitzer said. “He’s promised that he’ll give me a little.”


Bow chicka wow wow :wink2:

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yeah that "special sauce" line made me cringe...so many ways it can be taken. :giggle:

Lmao!! I was waiting for "Old Gregg" to jump out and ask if anyone wanted the Funk next.

If you have no idea who or what Old Gregg is beware! ;)

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The extra-tight "Don't Worry About My" Cap also seals in freshness and flavor. 


If only some could remove the "NEWMAN'S" from the glass portion of the bottle and replace with "LOULAM'S" 


That bottle is hilarious. 

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I was going to say that these disputes with contractors don't really speak to the overall financial situation one way or the other. Successful and unsuccessful businesses get into disputes and litigation with contractors and vendors all the time, and will stiff vendors on bills if they can. I was involved with a case where one of the most profitable teams in the league did just that. (No it wasn't the Rags).

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Ya, I think you just have to accept that many organizations play hardball with their vendors regardless of the actual financial picture. I think the important part is that the new owner seems to want to put a focus on increasing the exposure of the team and continue the work Vanderbeek has done in expanding our brand. Overall I think the net result is continued develoment around the arena and a quality team on the ice.

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