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Ryder still pissed at Therrien


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So i was always wondering why MTL never made an offer to Ryder or try to keep him. Guess i just found why in a french article about that whole thing.




so basically it's saying that an incident happened between the 2 during the season and that the 2 we're pretty much not talking to each other anymore by the end of the season/playoffs.


So during the exit meeting Therrien freaked out and they got in a harsh verbal exchange when Ryder complained to Bergevin about the way he was treated.


I know something similar happened with Cole before he got traded to Dallas for Ryder, Therrien and Cole we're pretty much not talking anymore. 


And they are saying that Therrien usually works that way that when a player is not giving him enough he has the tendency to go after him instead of being constructive and find solutions.


so thats that, let's hope it all works out well for Ryder here cause we really fvcking need him to produce at a high rate

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