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2014 Draft Thread

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Just wait until PDB sits Larsson again, it'll be back :thumbsup:

If he sits Larsson for Harrold before game 10 my head will explode. After that, so long as he does something to deserve being scratched, I'll be ok.

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Wasn't aware extraskater.com had a CHL page...found some interesting stuff on John Quenneville


For draft eligible CHL players, Quenneville was:


25th in goals

25th in points

Points/60- 26th

Brandon scored 51% of the goals when Quenneville was on the ice, which translated to +2.5 in relative GF%

Quenneville only played 27.8% of Brandon's PP so if he gets around 50%, he should really breakout next year


Feel a little better after looking into this stuff

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