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I am grateful for Lou

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For all the criticism and hate Keenan has gotten over the years, the one thing everyone can at least agree on him with is that he was 100% right in refusing to have his team wear that horrible trumpet jersey.


This Buffalo third jersey is easily the worst new jersey of this summer.  Someone said on another forum that this like a motorcross jersey and that is the best way to describe it.  I really do not know what the Sabres are thinking when the fans have been screaming for over the past decade for the team to just go back to the original design they had up until 1996 but the Sabres keep resisting.  It really has every Sabres fan as well as every jersey collector scratching their heads about this.  The one thing that could save this yellow jersey in the future is if they quickly discontinue it, and then maybe one day it will be as highly sought after as the Ducks "Wildwing" jersey and the Kings "Burger King" jersey are now.  Those as replicas nowadays go for easily $300-600 on eBay based on size and condition and if they are lettered.


So far this summer, here is how I would rank the new jerseys:


1) Wild - So far this team has rarely gone wrong with any of their designs.

2) Stars - Like the shade of green and kinda dig the new logo.  I think it is a logo that will eventually grow on people.  Best jersey they have had since their late 90's All-Star game inspired jerseys they wore in the early 2000's.

3) Hurricanes - Bland and never cared for their logo.  Looks like a bullseye.

4) Buffalo - Just ugly

That Blues jersey looks like something a sh!tty travel inline team would wear.


I have actually thought that for years too lol.

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