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NJDevs Survivor Pool 2013 - Colin226 Wins


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Week 1 Wrap Up


With 15 entrants going into Week 1, 9 went with Luck; and moved on as the Colts squeeked by Oakland 21-17. 

Two others, Aylbert (Lions over Vikings by 10) and Hogs (Patriots over Bills by two) moved on while following a lesser traveled path to success.  


The ones who fell by the way side included the annual groaner foul of signing up, but failing to pick: Nicky's Pickies.    Big Blue took the Redskins, but the Eagles won by 6.  MF ers went with Tampa over the NYJ; but was on the wrong side of a 1 point difference.   Lastly, we bid farewell to one of the favorites   the/last/one/alive with his Steelers over the Titans pick... Titans won by 7.

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Week 2 Wrap Up


Week  saw 11 enter with a variety of picks.  EagleJelly and PWW each took the Patriots over the NYJ (won by 3).  Hogs and DD56 went with the Falcons over the Rams (also won by 3).  Aylbert and Flame On! went with the Raiders over the Jaguars (good by 10).  New Jersey Swamps rode solo with the Texans over the Titans (6 pt victory in OT), and Aaron Hernandez's Gun (who let that piece out of lockup), went with the Saints over the Bucs (by 2pts).


We're still waiting on Monday's game to see if Colin226's pick of Cincinnati over the Steelers pays off (2.95% of Yahoo is with him on that).

We did have to say farewell to two though, as VALUE = SURVIVAL! and C R A C K O F T E N A M! lose out with my Eagles... who were defeated by the Chargers by three...

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Week 3 Wrap Up:


In Week 3 we watched nine enter, at last headcount we're at 6; with one unaccounted for. 


As Jimmy Leeds pointed out, Hogs didn't even show up this week and was eliminated with no selection.  New Jersey Swamps ship sank with the Vikings (18.24% of Yahoo as well).    Flame On! (12.33%) is still playing on tonight with his selection of the Denver Broncos.


Of the six teams safe this week, FIVE took the Seahawks (55.45%)...  a strategy to pick whoever is playing the Jaguars might work well this year -until it doesn't.  Aylbert was the other one; selecting the Patriots over the Bucs (1.55%




Good luck to Flame On!; and to your week four picks.  Just try to make them :)

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Week 4 Wrap Up


7 entered, but now we have 5.


NFC Beast?    NFC Least?

Denver (29.31%) and Kansas City (5.05%) steamrolled Philly/NYG; sending DD56, Eaglejelly, and PWW to the top 5 with their Denver pick; rounding out with Colin226 and Flame ON! Kansas City pick.


The Bengals (16.85%) lost 17-6 with Aylbert and Aaron Hernandez's Gun are out.


Since I have the benefit of knowing my pick; I changed my pick at 12:30PM from a gamble to a 'safer' pick...   the gamble?  Arizona (0.28%)over Tampa.  The score?  Arizona 13, TB 10.  Should of stuck with that, ha!

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Week 5 Wrap Up


We say goodbye to EagleJelly and PWW; with their Falcons pick as the Jets won late on a FG, 30-28.


The final 3:

Colin226 and DD56 went with the Rams over the lowly Jags (34-20)

and FlameON! Went with the Packers over the Lions (22-9)


C'mon Colin... pick the Jags over the Broncos!   The biggest ballsy upset pick.  Ever. :)

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Week 6 Wrap Up

DD56 just went AWOL; and finishes 3rd with his non pick.

Flame On! moves on to the finals with his Seattle pick against Tennessee.

Collin226 took the 49ers over the Cardinals.


Week 7 Wrap Up

Flame On! and Collin226 stay the course and continue the finals into week 8 with their mutual Chargers pick over the Jaguars.

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