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NJDevs '13-14 FHL (Fantasy Hockey) is ready to go!


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That's why I hate the 20-team format and want to scale it back. Don't get me wrong, I like the challenge of such a deep league but if half the league is going to forget about their team than what's the point? I'd prefer to scale it down to 16 at least if not 12-14 next year.

I agree 100%, and i think 14 is the #, every year we have at least 5 teams that seem to disappear, but usually it january not friggin NOV!!!

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Oh sure, NOW Cam Fowler decides to start scoring.  He's going to be this year's version of Slava Voynov :P (a guy who does squadoosh for ten games until I put him on the wire, then he immediately goes off)


I always worry about that.     Tyler Myers will find some scoring now that he's benched.    But I couldn't leave Goligoski as a free agent, and then on my bench.   He's one of my reclamation projects of the year, and I didn't even have to trade for him (he was drafted in 9th).  Nice.

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I've got Carter Hutton, I doubt that's what you're looking for since it's a short-term solution but he does have a juicy start Sunday :P


I don't even really know what I'd need in any deal per se, or who'd really be expendable.  Most of the reason I'm not in first has to do with the ancilary categories (SHP, GWG, Shutouts, Blocks, +/-).  You can't really control the first three, and I never do well in plus minus anymore no matter who I draft.  


Just going position by position I don't really have a complaint at this point other than I suppose defensive depth, but who doesn't have that issue in a 20-team league?  I'm not dominating faceoffs the way I usually do cause O'Reilly isn't a center anymore, and the other guy I drafted (Desharnais) was an utter failure.

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While I'm not happy with my current d performance, I am happy with it overall and my depth there.

I'm always lacking pure goal scorers but usually have enough above average players that in aggregate I lead. That hasnt happened yet.

That said, I'm enjoying my early day in the lead... Meaningless in November, but it'll give me something to cling to when I lose :)

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Man I got lazy during the last week (too much turkey and beer, I'm thinking) and Frans Nielson pretty much drove my team right into the ground with the 0-0-0 and -6 ..bastard

Fortunately this league is very handoff;  set and watch out for injuries.   Just bad luck with Frans

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