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NJDevs '13-14 FHL (Fantasy Hockey) is ready to go!


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Well congrats on three-peating ayl, although this was obvious from the Olympic break when you got 40 points up.  Too much of a deficit to make up in the end, though at least it looks like I'll hold on to the silver medal for the second straight year.  I've clearly become Federer to your Nadal at this point, oh well...there's always next year to reverse the trend :P


Appreciate all of those who played it out for positioning in the end, about a dozen owners were active at some point this month which is pretty good.  Hopefully with a smaller league next year (though we'll be using bigger starting lineups) there'll be a little more parity and even more activity, and everyone that wants to come back and has stayed active is welcome to do so.

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I'm definitely gunning for you next year, and I like my drafting formula this year, ingeneral it worked out well ( the questions is how do I find GWG & SHP??), just need to watch those bad trades, hurt myself this year, which is usually not the case...

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I think next year, given the unknowns, Im just going with the first overall pick... obviously will make it official when those things are done, but no picking 5thfor me this upcoming year

My best choice was jumping the Lundqvist ship (from last year) to the Rask ship this year.

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Congrats Ayl! 3 times now, I think we need to put a handicap on you next year.

You kidding me?  I score a natural hat-trick of titles, and Has goes and changes formats for next year.   It's an AylBlock if I ever saw one.  :whistling: 

But thank you, sir :)

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Well I definitely learned a lot this year, will keep everything in mind when I draft next year.


That being said, yeah maybe cut down a few of the inactive ones..it was really just a handful of teams trading with one another this season.  With a more active league I think the trading aspect could be a lot better.

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