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2013-14 OOT Thread

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I'm happy they lost by why the rofl when we lost to the same team when they were coming off a back to back?


I'm ROFL'ing because everybody told me the Rangers were gonna be so much better than the Devils.  And I'm not saying the Devils don't suck.  But so many people had the Rags locked into a playoff spot coming into the season.  I honestly couldn't understand why they were predicted to be good when their roster is no better than ours.  I can't speak for MadDog though.

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Hahaha, imagine if he'd broken his leg?   And then his other leg?   And then his pecker?   That would be, that would be bad.   EDIT: "pecker"? We can say cock-gurgling thunder-++++ but can't s

I know you don't see it this way, but you use a LOT of 20/20 hindsight in your plans.

This is an OOT scoreboard thread, so after this I'm done with this subject, but once someone says he'd possibly have rather gone out in the first round than having enjoyed watching a fun run that saw

He did nothing but bitch and moan about the Devils after he left.


I had forgotten about that.


You'd think a no-name goalie struggling to find a job in this league wouldn't badmouth a team that gave him a chance..but, then again, maybe he's too dumb to realize he shouldn't.

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So apparently, a wasted Lucic got into a fight outside a Vancouver bar after the loss over the weekend..and there's a video of it.


Edit:  Nevermind..it's not that entertaining.



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Is ovy going for sixty this year

this morning on the radio the caps color guy claimed he will reach 70. Right now he's on pace for 70 but I've watched a lot of caps games and I just can't image he keeps it up... A lot of lucky goals like the one tonight. I'd wager that luck evens out eventually so 60 probably but 70 would be a stretch.
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