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2013-14 OOT Thread


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I've never seen so many games where teams we need to lose score goals to tie with like 1:30 or less to go.


This team might be the unluckiest in the history of sports


Selective viewing. The Devils got more than enough help this season but in the end were not able to help themselves. You can't lose your way in.

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Oh well...gotta give Columbus credit...they slammed the door shut and did what they had to.  Devils had countless opportunities to make a run and never did it...it was just tease after tease after tease.  We knew a while ago they were going to have to be a .660 point% team over a long stretch to get in, and it just never happened.  And we also all knew 3-game pointless streak post-Olympic break was probably going to kill them and would be nearly impossible to overcome.  Well, it was.   


And sorry MB, but this is why continually pointing out the "ease" of the schedule was futile.  As fans continually pointed out, the schedule was never that much of a factor.  I was hoping the home/away imbalance correction would help them, but when the Devils went 2-2-1 in that five-game homestand (where they really needed to go 3-1-1 at bare minimum), that kind of killed that.  Post-break, the Devils went 7-4-1 at home, 3-4-2 on the road.  10-8-3 overall.  Not awful, but simply not nearly good enough, end of story.  Columbus did much better and earned their berth. 

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shut out too many times, couldnt win a SO, never had a real winning streak. oh well at least they kept it interesting until baseball/lacrosse season started. yippee.  merrill got lots of nhl mins, larsson not so much. henrique finished strong.  clowe, ryder brunner ..eh  schnieder is the real deal,    its not all bad but,,

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my bad mood has already started after the loss earlier this week... hopefully i get over it sooner rather than later.. just blows, another long off season for these fans...starting to get old now

We've been spoiled.  I hate it and it eats me up inside too, and already I can't wait for September/October now, but the truth is, there are SOOOOO many more teams that go through not just back to back missed playoffs, but handfuls and even dozens.   The Stars, if they don't make it this year, will be 6 years now.  Winnipeg hasn't made it in 3 years in the new city, and dating back to Atlanta, is 4 more years for a total of 7.  Even our neighbors the Islanders went 7 seasons from '93 to 2000, and the Rangers also went 7 from '97 to 2006.


For us to miss two back to back, and 3 in 4 years sucks, but it could be much worse.  Hopefully we do well in the draft and some guys in the minors get deservedly more playing time and we're back on track next year.

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