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2013 MLB Postseason Thread


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Saw what Puig did last night and couldn't stand it. I'm sure once he gets hit a few more times, he'll tone it down a bit.


There is something to be said for acting like you've been there before...especially when you're 0-for-11 with 7 K to start the series.


Where Puig clearly fvcked up:


Gotta run hard out of the box.  If you're going to do the "admire my moonshot" thing, you better be DAMNED sure that thing is really going yard.  He made up for it a little by not cruising into second for a double at least. 


You're already down 2-0 in games...why give the other team anything they can feed off? 


Doubt you'll see him plunked in this series (too much at stake), but next season, yeah, he'll start getting beaned if he doesn't cool it. 

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No one has been able to dethrone Boston all season and they get their ring


Everyone knows what an insane series David Ortiz had...hard to imagine where the Sox would've been without him.  The rest of the team hit .169 for the Series.  Exactly two players for the Sox had OB%s above .300. 


The Sox were able to score some runs at least...27 in six games (yes, 14 of them came in two games, but they were able to split the games where they were held to 4 runs or less).  Cards only scored 14. 

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