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GDT: Game 4 Devils @ Canucks 10pm MSG+


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Man get rid of fvcking volch please. The tip aside (could happen to anyone I think) he has looked like sh!t all night and been abused. He's also looked like sh!t for over a year, also Salvador has looked like dog mung as well.


Ryan Clowe has looked like slow elephant sh!t all season so far, don't know why we even signed this guy.


This being a tie game is all because corey has been phenomenal in net. We are doing our best to throw a game he is trying to steal for us, it's clear we are out matched.

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What is canning Pete going to do? The next coach is going to play the "organizational system" too, without the understanding they don't have the players for it. At least on defense. You're still going to get the same players playing maybe (hopefully) minus Gionta or Harrold, but you're still going to see the other slugs. 

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This team is just.. Bad right now. Too many things going wrong / not going right.

Call my fan hood into question if you want, but I've got a 7AM meeting and I've seen this act before. I'm going to bed.

Don't blame you at all. Falling asleep in your meeting isn't worth staying up to watch what will only ending up aggrevating the sh!t out of you.
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This defense is god awful. It was supposed to be our strength. They look so poorly coached.

And does Adam henrique still play for us or did we waive or trade him or something?

the henrique zajac ryder line looks pretty damn bad they arent getting any chances fi anything positive at all its like they cant even move the puck into the offensive zone.. obviously not a line that is going to work time to hack it apart now
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