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Annoying Commercials Thread

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I mean, you do get the tax deduction the commercials promise.  And literally the ultimate beneficiaries are "kids", but it goes to support "awakening" programs for Orthodox Jewish (maybe even "Ultra-Orthodox") children in New York.  Not disclosing that specifically is probably about as far as you can go without crossing the line over to fraud. 


You do get a tax deduction but I heard it's not as great as you would think for donating your car.


I also heard that yes it does mostly to those awakening groups and very little of it goes towards the kids.  It's very much on the borderline.

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The Brad Benson radio commercials are so annoying, I usually end up turning the radio off at that point. No, I dont care about some smart alec response to a current political topic.

his "jokes" are just so bad. It's like 3rd grade humor. I will never buy a car from him and would discourage anyone else to specifically because of those commercials.
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