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  1. 1. Will the Devils reach 30 regulation + OT wins?

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    • No

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Given the slow start, the multiple new faces, and the fact that NJ is the oldest team in the league, will NJ even get 30 regulation plus OT wins this year?  For prior reference:


Last year:  17 regulation + OT wins (translates to 29 over 82 games)

2011-12:  36 regulation + OT wins (+ 12 in the shootout)

2010-11:  35 regulation + OT wins


I can't see this group coming together to put together 30+ wins.  I see more of a 32-36-14 season (78 pts) with 3-4 lucky shootout wins included in that total (not that their shootout performance so far lends anyone to believe they EVER win one).


Why Lou did not give up our 1st round draft choice after the SCF finals might be his worst decision during his tenure.

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i think the team will pull a win on more then 40 games as well.. its only been the first 4 games.. they never really start the season so great anyway i feel (not going off of stats) just saying from memory.. except last year i feel like they went on a tear early then they all went on vacation for the rest of the season.

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