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GDT 5 The New Jersey Devils face Bob Hartley's Flames


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I get the feeling some people seem to want it both ways. Many of the same fans that (rightly) accused this team of being too slow to go through a generational change are now unhappy about generational growing pains. I'm nowhere near enough of an expert to suggest what the coaching staff should or should not do, I can only observe some things that (to me, anyway) seem fairly obvious.

The team lost a lot of firepower all at once. Regardless of how one feels about ##s 17, 23, 9 and 12, there's no denying these were experienced players, who at least had been around the block a few times, played under a lot of different conditions against different teams. They were replaced by new people who are learning to play in the NHL and, more importantly, learning to play with each other. This takes time. In hockey, like in any sport or any job, there is a learning curve. We may very well have another bad season or two, but talent takes time to develop. The other option is to try and hang everything on the same old people and end up like Philly.

Replaced by new people learning to play in the NHL? Which one of Ryder, clowe, Schneider, jagr and olesz is learning to play in the NHL? Edited by DevsMan84
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Somewhat erratic in the third. Flames had the early edge with shots 6-1. Then the Devs had that one long shift by Jagr, Elias and Zubrus that should've resulted in a goal. Instead, Calgary blocked shots and they didn't give up a shot. That was the game.


Hell, they got a 2 on 1 out of it and the only shot of the sequence

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