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GDT 5 The New Jersey Devils face Bob Hartley's Flames


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I know it's not all on him, but would it have killed Chokey Blowdeur to make a big save there late in the 3rd? Or on that 2mph beach ball softie with seconds in the 2nd


Why couldn't he have just retired?


What fvcking save, it's a one timer 3 feet from the net because the defensemen ignored the guy.    Sure, Schneider is loads better, but he's still going to have a hard time dealing with this clownshows defensive play.    I mean that was a fvcking joke.

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10-28. Great run we're on. That still blows my mind, I mean the kid literally skated past both of them and neither budged. Being blindsided is one thing, but he went right past them! lol

If Fayne or Larsson did that, they'd be glued to the press box for a month. Salvador will probably get power play time. Edited by MadDog2020
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fvcking refs won it for the flames with that sh!t call on Ryder.

And Stevens you were a great captain but a complete sh!thead of a defensive coach. Blown coverage and sh!tty personnel decisions are your calling card.

I gave the devils five games and they can't hold a fvcking lead for three straight periods.

Sorry CR1976 I know you said this team can't be connected to last years team but when I start seeing the same mistakes, same excuses and same blown leads that we saw from about game 20 of last year until now, I put two and two together.

They better win in winnipeg so help me fvcking god and get that piece of sh!t gionta off the ice before I really explode.

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Old in key areas, too slow, terrible defensively, no offensive creativity, can't finish with sustained pressure offensively, give up entirely too many odd man rushes, embarrassing in shootouts.  A 41 and 37 year old as your top line. And no lottery pick. If i forget anything please add to it.


You draw penalties by speed and creativity. The refs aren't calling anything because the Devils aren't giving them anything to call. 

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