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Mike Smith scores with 0.1 secs left.


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Definitely an awesome moment. That he just beat the buzzer and the excitement of teammates. Phoenix has been a real surprise. Ribeiro so far is working out under his old coach. Klinkenhammer has been a nice surprise.

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2-0 at that point in the game, too. That could have been a goal, which would have a pretty large impact on the rest of the game.


Everyone is so happy for him that he scored his goal at the end of the game, but it probably wouldn't have happened if he didn't go down after Datsyuk's shot hit his stick. Pretty pathetic if that's all there was to it, especially since the situation wasn't looking threatening enough that Detroit was definitely going to score on that shift.


I'm pretty sure I've heard similar stories from their '11-12 playoff run, too.

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So what you're saying is he had plenty of time.....

I'd have gone to get a Coke and then come back and scored with all that extra time.

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