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GDT: New Jersey Devils vs. Toronto Clarkarounds


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I'm sure Marty knows Clarkson's gameday routine after playing with him all those years and being good friends and all. I hope he waited until Clarky was taking his pre-game nap and had the Andrew Peters card delivered to his house. :P

Marty's wife and one kid are staying at Clarky's house for a few days for the game

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Hopefully the Devils pepper the Leafs with shots tonight. Triumph mentioned this yesterday but I didn't realize until I looked at the numbers how bad the Leafs have been in generating attempts.


Devils have the 2nd best shots against per 60 minutes of 24.1, but have 2nd worst shots for/60 of 24.7.

Leafs allow league worst shots against per 60 minutes of 36.5 and have 3rd worst shots for/60 of 25.9.

5v5 Score Close - NJD: 52.0% Corsi For%, 51.1% Fenwick For%, TML: 42.8% Corsi For%, 41.2% Fenwick For%.

5v5 - NJD: 53.2% Corsi For%, 52.2% Fenwick For%, 42.2% Corsi For%, 40.7% Fenwick For%.

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