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Would you take a shot at Yakupov?

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Nice to see that the anti-Russia bias is alive and well.. You guys would turn down Ovechkin and Datsyuk because of "KHL flight risk" I'm sure..


I've been reading your rants on the forums and the chat room for two years now about how we're stacked on defensive prospects and how Larsson has been underperforming. Our team has been, and still is, offensively neutered since we lost Zach (and even more so when Kovy was out). Yet you're telling be you wouldn't give up one of those defensive prospects for Yakupov?? A runaway 1st overall pick with obvious elite offensive talents, which clearly is *exactly* what this team needs? 


Someone already said it; defense can be taught. Offense, at this level, is more about natural ability and talent.


I wouldn't worry though, there's no way the Oilers deal Yak for Larsson.

It's not anti-Russian bias to acknowledge that a player from Russia, whose style of play may be better suited for the KHL, and who has proved difficult to coach, might want to go back to Russia when his contract expires in the very near future. No one here said they wouldn't take Datsyuk. I think all of us would take Datsyuk in a heartbeat.


There are real instances of anti-Russian bias: any time someone claims a Russian is soft, even though Kovalchuk and Ovechkin are both physical players who take long shifts; someone who would actually turn down Datsyuk (Ovechkin different story, as I'm not sure he's a great fit for the system); concern about giving the C to a Russian (or other European for that matter). Acknowledging that a Russian player, especially one who is picking up a reputation as a malcontent, might want to go back to Russia, and not wanting to make a deal for him, especially as the franchise is in rebuilding mode to some degree, at least at forward, because the guy who was supposed to be the cornerstone left the country is not bias. It's having a grip on reality.

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