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GDT: Kings @ Devils 7pm

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Can't imagine how the Devils can't score. I mean, we have Peter Harrold on the PP, you'd think we'd be a scoring machine. I just don't get DeBoer. Team is winning = change the lineup. Team gets shut o

I know it's sports, but fvck the Kings.  

I fvcking hate the Kings.

Aren't we facing against the Kings third string goalie? I wish I could be more coinfident about that. Lol. We make backups look like Patrick Roy.

not anymore mazz not anymore.. we doing big things around here we actually scored 3 whole goals last game and game before that we scored 5.. hard to believe this is devils hockey as were all use to maybe 1 or 2 goals a game lol i hope they keep up the good work
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Curious to see what the attendance will be tonight. Devils are playing better, obviously 2012 finals still fresh in everyone's mind.Friday night...we're getting close to that Thanksgiving period where attendance spikes. Would like to see 15,000+

the fact that we have back to back home games will hurt the attendance figures for both. Many fans just don't have the means or time to attend back to back games.
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Did anyone notice they removed most of the high school jerseys from the lower level and put them in the area by where they do the misery pucks?

wouldn't want pucks that cause emotional distress... :giggle:

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