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GDT: Devils @ Ducks 10PM


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a) Janssen is a useless piece of fvck.

b) The refs aren't much better

c) find out how much they're paying their PP coach and double it. fvck they all move so fast.

Janssen had his 15 minutes of fame or, rather, career. That should have been it. My worst nightmare was those two goals would keep Janssen in the lineup as a regular and it has. It's just another case of PDB sticking with a guy too long because of some fools gold ability or over loyalty instead of using proper judgement. 

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Cam fame is over. He is invincible out there. They need to call someone else up


He should have never been here, period. sure, the two goals were a cute storyline in a crap season so far, but if they needed to call him up to provide "energy" or "character" or something else like it then there's a problem with the other 19 players. If you need a zero talent goon brains to provide that spark....well....what does that say? Cam Janssen belongs entertaining in the ECHL not in the NHL.

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Jesus I'm sick of cangialosi the guy knows nothing. Jagr gets hooked and the puck never leaves center ice and yet he called it icing.

I didn't mind him until i listed to him call a Red Bulls game this summer for a few minutes and realized he's a much better fit there.

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