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GDT: Devils @ Ducks 10PM


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Why did we pay millions to Ryder when all he has is a decent wrist shot? He does nothing out there. We could've just kept D'agostini

Jesus I'm sick of cangialosi the guy knows nothing. Jagr gets hooked and the puck never leaves center ice and yet he called it icing.

And I agree with this. He's never called a shot off the post because he never identifies it. He's terrible at understanding what's going on.

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Gelinas fvcking rocks. If he doesn't stay up with the big club when our injuries are back, I'll fvcking murder Deboer.

As I type this, goddamnit what a shot.

Yeah I absolutely love Gelinas. Future all star. And we got more like him in Albany. Edited by devlman
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This officiating is going on all over the league. It's a gong show. Bad calls followed up by worse calls to even it up. Take that into consideration along with the embellishments, inability to call games consistently night to night and "crowd calls". NHL officiating is worse now then the NBA and that's quite a standard. No one wants to pay good money to watch this.


What makes me mad is the Devils still can't draw calls. They just won't "play the game" and dive a few times. 


Furlatt is still sticking it to the Devils.

Edited by TheRedStorm
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