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Devils @ Canes 7:PM


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You guys are ridiculous saying I overreact just because a score goes from 1-0 to 2-1.

It's a lot bigger than that.

What about last year after the team started with promise and still had that bit of swagger after the cup run only to completely embarrass themselves and the fans with how they finished.

What about the start this season?

This team has basically lost close to 20 fvcking games already if you count the OTL.

If anything I'm not overreacting enough. This teams lost like 50 of they're like 70 games or something. fvck them.

the problem is you have never posted a single positive thing or contributed any constructive opinion or information to this board.

All you do is come in when things are going poor to tell us how bad they are and how bad they will be.

Really I seriously question if you are not a rangers fan who comes here just to rile people up, and if thats the case I'd hope you have a better use of your free time.

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Nice to see the guys who never seem to find the back of the net actually find it.

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He's not a fan, bandwagon or otherwise. He's been doing this schtick for years, originally as ScoreMoreThan3. He ripped the team (when losing) during the entire 2011-12 season and dropped off the face of the earth when they had the finals run. It's just angry, mindless trolling and I don't know why he feels it's necessary.

Lol for the record I really don't know if he is SMT3 lol I just assumed.


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Zubes from Merrill, nice.


Seriously Z, like everyone else says...GTFO.  No one likes you.

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This is the first game where I was frustrated with the bounces and not the team. It seems like after the first period of the last game the team got frustrated and started to finally get the puck to the net a bit more. It's paid off in the third.


Too bad we haven't seem JJ and Teddy in this period. I thought that line with them and Ryder was great.

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