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I'll do my best to give you a 43-year-old's perspective (but someone who still considers himself relatively young at heart).    As you get older, you DO find certain things becoming more irritating

I've said it before, but the fanbase has gotten much younger as the people who were kids when the cups were won have started buying tickets for themselves. Add in public transportation, and it's going

Hell yes! A win is a win.

It looked like we had the puck in their zone the majority of the game.

My gamecenter froze up before i could see if they talked about the scuffle with Henrique at the end. What happened?

Ott and Henrique were jabbing at each other on that shift, then Bernier scored and it looked like Henrique said "Ah Ha" and Ott grabbed him but no punches thrown

It was cool because as the Devils were celebrating with Bernier, Bernier took off to help out Henrique, but it was pretty much over by then

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Had to listen to Matt and sherry again on my ride home tonight (and then of course my luck is that I'm carrying bags to my apartment and missing the final 3 minutes of overtime)

Sounds like we had the majority of the chances and just played a sloppy 2nd period. Glad Cory got the shutout and is on a bit of a streak he sure deserves it.

Man those vuvuzelas are just as annoying on the radio.

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15,226 was the attendance tonight.


Great win.  It seemed like everything was working against the Devils tonight.  But they found a way to get 2 points.

Ugly win. But it's 2 points nonetheless. The vuvuzelas should be banned from every American sporting event. So f'ing annoying!


They didn't play poorly.  They just forgot how to shoot when they got any chances.  That and Enroth was very good.

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