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GDT: NJ Devils @ Blue Jackets - 7pm


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7pm EST

















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That's actually a pretty sweet-looking building.  Man I miss seeing bright green leaves on the trees.  Winter sucks. 



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Seriously why is Marty starting tonight? I find no fault in Marty being in goal but I thought it was best to alternate even though it is difficult to get a rythem. If Schneider starts on Friday against Pittsburgh I would say that he is playing against the tougher teams and has too much time off between starts. I want to keep this guy happy for the future and get him to resign with the Devils especially since Lundqvist is out of the question for the Devils.

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I cringe every time i hear that marty is starting.

It's a crime how much more starts he's been getting


The MO seems to be "Give Cory two starts to be the #1 guy, and if he's not awesome, then it's back to Marty getting more playing time again."  


I find it ridiculous as well...would it really be so hard to give Cory four or five CONSECUTIVE starts?  Marty is 1-4-0 in his last five starts and has an .841 save% in his last three (.878 in his last 6).  Sometimes it feels like Cory has to be a brick wall or there's this "Uh oh, we need to go back to Marty", even though he's been a lot more up-and-down than Cory has. 

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