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GDT: NJ Devils @ Blue Jackets - 7pm


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it rebounded off marty and into the players skate.


Why that kind of shot results in a rebound is beyond me. Oh wait its not, Corey should be starting not the aging broduer.

Almost all low blocker side shots are going to result in a rebound. Best you can hope is that he gets that with the stick and deflects it up or in the corner.

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Upon seeing the overhead replay,can't really fault Marty for that. sh!tty puck luck there.


This is 100% true.


That being said, Marty seems to be getting "the better goalie" treatment, and it makes no sense at all.  Marty is getting the extra chances and the longer leash that should be going to Schneider.

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Great hockey sense by Henrique to put that puck out in front instead of jamming at it.


Was thinking the same thing. Really heads-up play by Adam there.

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Agree 100%. Schneider should be playing tonight.


DeBoer seems to hold Schneider to a different and unfair standard.  I can understand why Cory must get frustrated at times.

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Brunner, Ryder, and Zajac each have a goal in the same game. That's something I never thought I'd say a couple weeks ago.

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