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GDT: NJ Devils @ Blue Jackets - 7pm


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Why was he allowed to start the 3rd? What is wrong with Deboer?


How can Lou let this stupidity continue


Lou and Pete are suffering from the same issues that all teams in all sports suffer from with Legends at the end of the road. This was coming. There was never a easy solution to it and there never will be until Brodeur hangs them up voluntarily.

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I hate Dubinsky. That is all...

I actually don't, he is a good player, would probably be a good devil. I hated him on the rangers, now I don't really that much. He seems like way less of a ++++ without the rangers tag.

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It's sick that it's gotten to the point where I almost WANT Marty to play his age, just so we can get on with giving Cory the spot and letting him get some consistency. Pete seems to be terrible at player management on every level.


Well, Marty's playing his age.  Maybe DeBoer sees the light. 

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Knowing deboer will see marty in net on Friday.


I don't see that happening, but I do see Cory not getting the extended chance he deserves.  Including tonight, Marty has now given up at least two goals in each of his last 7 starts, for a total of 21...on a team that's not exactly known for being able to overcome giving up a lot of goals.


Wow, two for Brunner!

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